Paired with remodeling, our services can create your dream home.

Skip the Contractor Headaches

One of the biggest concerns of any remodel is picking the right contractor. Remodeling your home is a very big and very personal investment, and you’ll probably only do it once or twice in your life. So how do you make the right choice of contractors?

We take this off your plate! We work with contractors everyday, and know which ones can be trusted for which jobs. When you work with Kathe Baker Designs, you get access to our exclusive contractor relationships with some of the best, most well-regarded and award-winning teams in Houston.

Contracting Services

Sometimes, light renovating can make a huge difference in your home. Potential services include:

• Cosmetic Renovations
• Interior and Exterior Painting
• Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels
• Roof Repair
• Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC
• Landscaping
• And more!

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